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Hello from rainy Portland, home of giant artisan meat stuffed cheesy biscuits, sour fruity craft coffee and super bitter over hopped beer.


Ripple is on a tear
  • The DOW and S&P didn’t do much this week
  • Macron won the French elections
  • President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey
  • Improving near-term sentiment in the oil markets
  • Sluggish macro data and weak earnings reports from major retailers


In other news

  • San Francisco seems to be on the decline with “Purge” like crime. So I bought a Simplisafe package, as they had a 20% off sale this week. With the $25 a month package, they have some guy monitoring your system status and will call the cops after calling your cell phone to check on you.
  • I currently run Samsung Smartthings.


Interesting Articles


Book of the week: Lean in – Sheryl Sandberg

  • When it comes to mentorship, do your homework
    • A successful mentorship usually comes from the mentor seeing potential in the mentee
    • Be respectful of your mentor’s time. Don’t just do a casual “catch up”. Figure out what you want before seeing them 
    • Don’t ask questions that can be easily answered
    • Provide value to your mentor
    • Your mentor is not a therapist. Don’t whine and complain.
  • It is worth the battle to change an unfavorable dynamic at work. Don’t give up.
  • Set your own limits and stick to them. The corporate machine will never stop demanding your time and energy
  • Practical tip: When you attend a meeting, take a seat at the table… especially in a conference room setting. Avoid sitting along the side wall.
  • Upcoming book: The life-changing magic art of not giving a f


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