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Hey gang,

I just got back from Yosemite. Hiked a bunch and spent time with family. Couldn’t ask for more. This week’s update is a bit lighter in content since I didn’t have too much time.


  • Another flat week for the markets
  • The new health care bill was released on Thursday. This caused a run up in pharmaceutical/ biotech stocks.
  • Oil hit a year low at $43 a barrel.
  • The Fed conducted it’s annual stress test, which tests 34 banks to make sure they have enough capital to endure any economic downturn. 


The market is volatile and unregulated, so things like the Ethereum flash crash can happen. Yowza. I’m still a believer in the cryptocurrency space. This week my work sent a widely distributed email talking about the future of blockchain and the application of it in a corporate setting. 


Podcasts of the week

  • Tim Ferriss show with Nick Szabo – They discuss cryptocurrency basics in this podcast. I would highly recommend listening to this one if you want to learn about digital currency and the blockchain.
  • Tim Ferriss show with Jason Khalipa – Former Crossfit games champion. Interview touches upon motivation and his daughter’s fight with leukemia.
  • We’re Alive – If you spend a lot of time commuting, and enjoy zombie/ post apocalyptic thrillers, this podcast may be for you.

Videos of the week

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