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Hey everybody,

Happy Friday. Here’s this week’s report.

Financial News

  • I subscribe to Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts plus blog. It’s pretty ok for general financial news and they share their charitable trust portfolio. Here’s this weeks’ report and latest portfolio. If I could go back, I would subscribe to the Motley Fool newsletter instead. Cramer’s team focuses on stability while the Motley Fool seems to look for stocks with potential to run.



  • Early in the week, the crypto market was volatile. See below snapshot of Monday’s onslaught. The market did recover. Ripple (XRP) is still holding on at 0.25 cents. I’m considering selling some when it hits around 0.30.
  • Looking to buy some Monero (XMR). It’s slowly becoming the currency for the darkweb. It’s a currency focused on privacy. It uses ring signature algorithms to hide the sender’s address, amount of the transaction, and recipient.
  • Cool website from Goldman Sachs explaining the Blockchain
  • The two other screenshots below show a) the hype and popularity of Blockchain, and b) Bitcoin in perspective.



Other Interesting News:


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