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Hey folks,


“Shut up when I’m talking to you!!!!” I’ve always wanted to say that, RIP Chester Bennington (Linkin Park). Anyway, it’s been a while since the last update. I was up in Seattle and have been swamped at work ever since.

Here’s this week’s report:


Financial Markets:

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan summed up the current environment perfectly: “It’s almost embarrassing being an American citizen … and listening to the stupid *beep* we have to deal with in this country. The inability to make headway on significant legislation is “holding us back and it is hurting the average American. It isn’t a Republican issue; it is not a Democratic issue.”


The repeal of Obamacare and subsequent delay in tax reforms weren’t a surprise (Meem of Nate Diaz here).


I’m too tired to summarize what happened, so here’s the Action Alerts Report for the week, and Portfolio.



The market crashed in a glorious fireball last weekend, but it’s quickly recovering. Some speculative reasons for the decline:

  • The upcoming Bitcoin fork

  • Initial coin offering (ICO) – Startups are going around the Venture Capital route by raising money on their own through ICOs. They are trading their own “coin” for other coins, especially Ethereum’s Ether. Since they are strapped for cash, once they receive the Ether, they are cashing it out for Fiat (US Dollars). I bought a stupid ICO and lost half my dough (dumb EOS coin, don’t buy it).

  • Panic – I’m in this camp, however my laziness helped prevent me from selling. Wheew. It also prevented me from buying more. Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.


Other Cryptocurrency news:

  • Funny Bitcoin sign guy behind Janet Yellen at the Federal Reserve meeting. He received Bitcoin donations of over $15k!


Other News:

  • The motorcycle industry is not doing so well. I miss my good ol’ Honda CBR! Here’s a few vids I made over 9 years ago! vid1 vid2.

  • Last weekend I went to the Freestyle Explosion concert at the San Jose HP Pavillion. Expose, Stevie B, Timmy T, Sweet Sensation, Taylor Dayne, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, etc. Not sure if I should be happy about the concert, or sad that they’re all so old! Check out my Freestyle mix I made in my DJ days for an hour long overview of the genre.

  • Minor victory, I deleted the worldstar hip hop app off my phone. What a tremendous savings of time! Gotta keep the mind sharp and pure… well, purer.


Pro Tips:

  • After all these years in the sun, I’ve decided to use a daily face lotion/ sunblock. Not sure if it’s making a difference, but I sure don’t want melanoma later on in life. I’m using Laroche-Posay ANTHELIOS DAILY SPF 15 MOISTURIZER. It’s not bad, doesn’t feel heavy like I’m wearing Banana boat sunblock. Thanks Jason for the tip.


Have a great weekend.

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