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Hey folks,


Happy Monday, hope you’re having an awesome week. Here’s an abbreviated weekly report:


Financial Market Trends:

  • Dow closed over a record 22,000 last week, woah.

  • Oil remained flat, ~$50/ barrel


  • My mind is blown, Bitcoin is currently $3,360 per bitcoin. How can it keep climbing?!

  • The Bitcoin fork produced another coin, Bitcoin Cash, which is at $290. Everyone who owned Bitcoin now owns Bitcoin cash for free! Mind blown again.

  • My Ripple XRP hasn’t been doing much these days, sitting at $0.18… time to unload?

  • Wannacry ransomware scammers are making some moves, using the other coin I bought, Monero (which tries to keep all transactions anonymous).

  • Start learning about cryptocurrencies! I’m always down to meet up or talk on the phone about it.

Other News:

Non-News but interesting:

  • Asian Bachelorette on Youtube
  • My Allbirds shoes arrived and I’m wearing them right now. They’re pretty comfortable like wool slippers. I wouldn’t wear them traveling or for any strenuous activity, since there doesn’t seem to be much lateral support, but I’m going to keep them in my office as my daily work shoe.

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