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Happy Friday everybody!


It’s Outside lands weekend in San Francisco, so traffic is kinda bad. Maybe I’ll sneak over to Golden Gate Park and listen to some Metallica Master of Puppets.


Anyway, thanks again for reading these weekly updates. My ultimate hope is that my friends find success, however you define it, in all areas of their lives.


***Here’s a fun contest for my friends on this email list. I’ve been enjoying my Allbirds shoes this week. I’d like to buy a pair of Allbirds to the first person to reply on this (deleted link contest over sorry) with the correct answers. Good luck!


Financial Market Trends:



  • Bitcoin at $3520 per coin, whaaaat?! Mind keeps getting blown.

  • I bought some more XRP at 0.16, but it hasn’t done anything lately. A lot of cryptocurrency volume is coming from South Korea and Japan, so high risk in this environment.


Non-News but interesting:

  • This week’s cheese plate (can find at Whole Food’s)

  • Since we’re headed to Croatia soon, I’ve been reading up on the Balkan Arms market. Pretty fascinating to see the flow of small arms from Eastern Europe to Syria and Africa. Recent Russian trade sanctions has also stopped the inflow of small arms into the USA.

  • I love old school wide body 911s (youtube)




Purchase of the week:

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